The Ogress and the Orphans / Algonquin Books
Gussy / HarperCollins
Spindlefish and Stars / Little, Brown and Company
Alma Presses Play / Penguin Random House
How Do You Live? / Algonquin Books
Black Water Sister / Berkley Publishing
Thor: Ragnarok / MONDO
The Beast Warrior / Macmillan
Kiki's Delivery Service / Penguin Random House
The Beast Player / Macmillan
MoMo x 4 / Personal Work
The Island of Sea Women / O, The Oprah Magazine
In This Together / Personal Work
When Winter Never Ends / ESPN
Red Tail / Personal Work
Chevrolet Bolt EV / Commonwealth // McCann
Inside the Search for a Better High / Rolling Stone
High as Hope / Rolling Stone
The Flu Shot / Personal Work
Inflammation: The Internal Inferno / Temple Health
The Long Road Back / InvestmentNews
The Girl Who Drank the Moon / Algonquin Books
Recovering Diet Food Junkie / The Washington Post
CULTURE / Rolling Stone
Blackbeard / Smithsonian Magazine
Witness, Trauma / Crain's Chicago Business
Fields of Dreams / KidsPost
Flourish / TIME
Wrath / Scientific American Mind
All is Mine / Personal Work
Pathways to College / UTArlington Magazine
The Taste of Tradition / Dieste, Jose Cuervo
The Way of the Warrior / Personal Work
Population Aging / Evolution Magazine
Jump, He Said. And They Fell / Reader's Digest Canada
The Invincible Car / Variety Magazine
After the Flash / American Magazine
Broken Bells / Rolling Stone
Vortex / Litigation Magazine
What Time Is It Now Where You Are / The Washington Post
I Have Done Some Good / Personal Work
New Generation of Buyers / Evolution Magazine
The World She Saw / imagineNATIVE, Beehive Design
Ode to a Lost Cause / BC LAW Magazine
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Deep / UNH Magazine
The Goddess Parka / Playboy
Open to New Ideas / Evolution Magazine
Left Hand Free / Rolling Stone
Miss You / The Washington Post
More Than Just the Job / The Washington Post
The Future Climate Change / Green Living Magazine
In the Reign of King Moonracer / The Washington Post
Red / Personal Work
Lavender / Personal Work
Yellow / Personal Work
Turquoise / Personal Work
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